Graduate Seminar (Oberseminar) Quantum Information (Winter 2022/23)

Lecturer: Michael Walter
Time and Place: Mon 16-18 (MC 1.54)
First meeting: Mon Oct 17
Contact time: 2 SWS
Language: English
Further Information: VVZ

Course Description

The Quantum Information seminar features presentations and discussions by and with group members and guests, with a focus on topics of current research. Attendance of Master’s and PhD students who have taken a first course in quantum information, computing, or similar is warmly welcome – please get in touch for more information or just come by the seminar.


Date Agenda
Oct 17 Kick-off
Oct 24 Yaroslav on
Oct 31 Harold on
Nov 7 Anurudh on
Nov 21 Bochum/Dortmund TCS Mini-Workshop
Nov 28 Nick Spooner (Warwick) on
Dec 5 Short presentations on current research
Dec 12 Christian Majenz (DTU, Copenhagen)
Dec 19 Quinten on space complexity
Jan 9 Arne Heimendahl (Cologne) on quantum computation with stabilizer and magic states
Jan 16 Short presentations on current research
Jan 23 Rigidity and device-independent crypto (postponed due to sickness of speaker)
Jan 30 QIP test talks,,