Prof. Dr. Michael Walter
Professor of Quantum Information
Tel: +49 (0)234 32-28555
Office: MC 1.89
Dr. Samuel Crew
Postdoctoral Researcher
joining in Jan 2022
Dr. Akshay Ramachandran
Postdoctoral Researcher
Harold Nieuwboer
PhD student
Galina Pass
PhD student
Anurudh Peduri
PhD student
Tel: +49 (0)234 32-28541
Office: MC 1.87
Tianwei Zhang
PhD student
starting in Jan 2022
Bjarne Bouwer
MSc student
Cedric Brügmann
Research assistant
Sebastian Marks
BSc student

Some of our group members are located at the University of Amsterdam and QuSoft.


  • Dr. Freek Witteveen (2018–2022, PhD student; now postdoc in Copenhagen)
  • Naga Teja Bhavya Kothakonda (2022, research internship; now PhD student at Barcelona)
  • Dr. Matteo Lostaglio (2020–21, postdoc; now researcher at PsiQuantum)
  • Valerie Bettaque (2020–21, MSc project on final states; now PhD student at Brandeis)
  • Dr. Jonas Helsen (2019–21, postdoc; now tenure-track researcher at CWI)
  • Ricardo Rivera (2020-21; MSc project; now PhD student at Slovak Academy of Sciences)
  • Tomas Bosschieter (2021, BSc project on optimal transport and machine learning; now PhD student at Stanford)
  • Friso Lohmann (2021, BSc project on quantum state tomography)
  • Dr. Yinan Li (2018-20, postdoc; now designated assistant professor at Nagoya)
  • Marten Folkertsma (2019-20, MSc project on continuous LOCC; now PhD student at CWI)
  • Laurens Ligthard (2019-20, MSc project on quantum entropy; now PhD student at Köln)
  • Maxim van den Berg (2020, BSc project on lossless audio compression)
  • Slawi Dimitrov (2020, BSc project on randomized benchmarking)
  • Emma Loos (2018-19, MSc project on cMERA and holography; now PhD student at Würzburg)
  • Jeroen Dekker (2018-19, MSc project on holographic tensor networks and smooth entropies)
  • Lars van Geest (2019, BSc project on tensor networks for the Motzkin spin chain)
  • John Paul Marceaux (2019, academic skills project on design theory)
  • Philip Verduyn Lunel (2018-19, MSc project on quantum simulations and many-body localization; now PhD student at CWI)
  • Cole Franks (2018, summer research visit; now postdoc at MIT)
  • Raja Damanik (2018, MSc project on optimality in stabilizer testing; soon PhD student at Canberra)
  • Casper Guyrik (2018, MSc project on quantum algorithms for factoring and post-quantum RSA, daily supervised by Ronald de Wolf; now PhD student at Leiden)
  • Philip Roeleveld (2018, BSc project on a truncated tensor scaling algorithm)
  • Wouter Borg (2018, BSc project on entanglement in the stabilizer formalism)