Dr. Akshay Ramachandran
Postdoctoral Researcher, joint with Daniel Dadush at CWI
Galina Pass
PhD student, joint with Stacey Jeffery at CWI
Harold Nieuwboer
PhD student
Anurudh Peduri
PhD student
Tel: +49 (0)234 32-28541
Office: MC 1.87
Bjarne Bouwer
MSc student
Cedric Brügmann
Research assistant
Sebastian Marks
BSc student
Prof. Dr. Michael Walter
Professor of Quantum Information
Tel: +49 (0)234 32-28555
Office: MC 1.89

Some of our group members are located at the University of Amsterdam and QuSoft.


  • Dr. Freek Witteveen (2018–2022, PhD student; now postdoc in Copenhagen)
  • Naga Teja Bhavya Kothakonda (2022, research internship; now PhD student at Barcelona)
  • Dr. Matteo Lostaglio (2020–21, postdoc; now researcher at PsiQuantum)
  • Valerie Bettaque (2020–21, MSc project on final states; now PhD student at Brandeis)
  • Dr. Jonas Helsen (2019–21, postdoc; now tenure-track researcher at CWI)
  • Ricardo Rivera (2020-21; MSc project; now PhD student at Slovak Academy of Sciences)
  • Tomas Bosschieter (2021, BSc project on optimal transport and machine learning; now PhD student at Stanford)
  • Friso Lohmann (2021, BSc project on quantum state tomography)
  • Dr. Yinan Li (2018-20, postdoc; now designated assistant professor at Nagoya)
  • Marten Folkertsma (2019-20, MSc project on continuous LOCC; now PhD student at CWI)
  • Laurens Ligthard (2019-20, MSc project on quantum entropy; now PhD student at Köln)
  • Maxim van den Berg (2020, BSc project on lossless audio compression)
  • Slawi Dimitrov (2020, BSc project on randomized benchmarking)
  • Emma Loos (2018-19, MSc project on cMERA and holography; now PhD student at Würzburg)
  • Jeroen Dekker (2018-19, MSc project on holographic tensor networks and smooth entropies)
  • Lars van Geest (2019, BSc project on tensor networks for the Motzkin spin chain)
  • John Paul Marceaux (2019, academic skills project on design theory)
  • Philip Verduyn Lunel (2018-19, MSc project on quantum simulations and many-body localization; now PhD student at CWI)
  • Cole Franks (2018, summer research visit; now postdoc at MIT)
  • Raja Damanik (2018, MSc project on optimality in stabilizer testing; soon PhD student at Canberra)
  • Casper Guyrik (2018, MSc project on quantum algorithms for factoring and post-quantum RSA, daily supervised by Ronald de Wolf; now PhD student at Leiden)
  • Philip Roeleveld (2018, BSc project on a truncated tensor scaling algorithm)
  • Wouter Borg (2018, BSc project on entanglement in the stabilizer formalism)